Frankie Grande Busts Out His Dance Moves And His Buns In A CBB Striptease.

I could never get into big brother this or big brother that.  It's kinda like NASCAR, just show me the highlights.

Well Frankie Grande made the highlight reel again along with his bum and we liked it.

Apparently a male stripper visited the house during the day's task, inspiring Frankie to put on a show for his fellow housemates, and it wasn't bad at all!

Even though there was a wardrobe malfunction, it added to the fun had by all.





Katie Waissel says “I’ve seen so many balls in here."  Maybe I do need to start watching this show … or at least more highlights.

Thanks Frankie for the show.  You're looking good, love the hair, but we'll let you borrow some tear away underwear for next time. 

What do you think?