Fun & Provocative Billboard Gets New Hampshire Town Talking!

It makes me want a macaroon real bad! Whomever is in charge of advertising over at Teatotaller needs a raise!

A fun new campy billboard has been erected in the hills of New Hampshire and it’s raising a few eyebrows.

The advertisement for the Teatotaller Café in Somersworth, NH shows a male wearing daisy dukes and a pink t-shirt, shoes, and what appears to be pink eye shadow. He’s draped upon on a pink dresser, some say in a sexually provocative position, as he is about to enjoy a tasty morsel, almost as tasty as he is. Besides the pink poser, the ad says ‘I like my men like I like my coffee . . . with breakfast at Teatotaller.’

Should this be happening in New Hampshire?  Well, why the hell not!  And it’s nothing new for Teatotaller.  They have branched out beyond the normal over and over again. For example:

Campy ‘Wuthering Heights’ video recreated on Kate Bush Day

Here it is folks! The video that no one asked for, but every one is getting anyways! We had too much fun channeling our inner Kate Bushes this morning on the streets of Somersworth! Thank you Sarah from Neoteric Dance Collaborative! – Teatotaller Tea House



Sorry, we got side tracked, but when a place like this sounds so amazing, it's easy to do. Back to the pink on pink on pink on twink on pink dresser.

One blog outlet said the billboard was “poking fun at gender roles.”  No, I think gay men have liked both coffee and men for some time.  Not sure this is poking fun, but just telling it like it is.  Who doesn't like a man to be there in the morning for breakfast. We love sleep overs!

The ad may have been a little different than the rural town of 11,000 people has seen before, but then again, you did see the video above, right?  For an ‘An Oasis of Queer, Hipster Tea, Coffee, and Pastry Goodness,’ would you expect anything less?

Teatotaller co-owners, Emmett Soldati and Palana Belken, said they were aiming to be ‘provocative, but only in a way that we, a local business and local personality, were already doing. [Teatotaller is a venue for people] ‘looking for cosmopolitan flair in a sleepy town’ and that they ‘embrace the weird, the eccentric and the queer.’(Huff Post)

The billboard is also causing a lengthy discussion among residents and online. Positive and negative comments flew all over the Somersworth Now Facebook post covering the advert. Of course you had the "gross", "bravo", "what will my 10 yr old boy think", "you do it with women in advertising", and so on.  It even found the male featured in the ad speaking up.

Michael Cummings As I am the person featured in this ad, all I have to say is times are changing and you're views need to be changing with them. This ad is quirky, fun and expressive and hopefully will be an inspiration to the youth of somersworth to continually be true to themselves and live the life they want. Some of you may not get this and thats ok but I urge you to see it from a different point of view and open your mind to new things. Hope all the residents in Somersworth that may disagree with this ad will continue to show me respect and love, as I always try to do to you all


Where will this end? Seeing what Teatotallers has done in the past and a quick glimpse as to what is coming up, I am sure we will hear more from them … and we want to!

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