Gay Couple Arrested For Having Sex Face Up To 100 Lashings

For the first time in Indonesia (according to the Shariah police’s chief investigator) a gay couple may receive 100 lashings by cane if they are found guilty of having, well, um, sex.  The couple, a 23 and 20 year old, was arrested on March 29th in the provincial capital Banda Aceh after a neighbor reported them to the police.  The men had ‘confessed’ to being a gay couple after a video of the pair together was posted online by a neighbor.

The footage allegedly shows one of the men naked and visibly distressed as he calls for help on his phone, while his partner is repeatedly pushed by another man who prevents the couple from leaving the room.

Aceh is the only province in Muslim-majority Indonesia to practice Shariah law, which was a concession made by the national government in 2006.

A Shariah code, implemented two years ago, allows up to 100 lashes for morality offences, including gay sex. –


Caning of individuals occurs for many reasons. It is also a punishment for adultery, gambling, drinking alcohol, women who wear tight clothes and men who skip Friday prayers.  The picture below is  the result of a young woman and a man being sentenced to be publicly caned in Indonesia’s Aceh province for violating the Sharia law by allegedly being "too intimate" with each other. (December 2015)

We will have to wait and see if these two men are convicted.  As well as being caned 100 times, people caught having sex with someone of the same sex will be fined up to a kilogram of gold (about £24,400) and can be sent to prison for 100 months.



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  1. Islam, like Christianity, is

    Islam, like Christianity, is CRUELTY.  When two informed consenting adults are together sexually there is no victim- there is no crime or violation.  Oh- you say YOUR "God" and YOUR "religion" are violated??  First- who appointed you the "bedroom police"?  Do you spy on people in their bedrooms on a regular basis?  Who's the pervert- the one having sex, or the one watching them through peepholes?  (Did it excite you?)  Second- YOUR religious beliefs are just that- YOURS.  YOU are to follow them- not me, not them, not anyone else in the world for that matter.   Third and last- history has painfully taught us about theocracies: blood runs down the streets when religion rules the masses.  Witch hunts, superstitions, Crusades, Anti-Science, etc.  ALL scientific advancement ceases including medicine, social interests, education, art, exploration, etc.  If YOUR religious beliefs do not include having same sex attractions, then don't have sex with someone of the same sex.  YOUR religious beliefs do not have any power over me, them, or anyone else in this great big world of OURS.  Do you understand that?  YOUR beliefs do not have any power over ME.  YOUR beliefs do not extend to anyone but YOU.  PERIOD.  Keep your beliefs in your home and church, temple, synagogue, whatever… but out of the general space we all SHARE because we're all here together.  Keep it OUT of the government.  History has taught us that too- in blood.



  3. Bombing them isn’t going to

    Bombing them isn't going to help.  Why are people so quick to respond to violence with more violence?  Sanctions, sure… but bombing?   Just no!

  4. No empathy for the straight

    No empathy for the straight people who were caned for being too intimate? I don't think this story is just about LGBT people. 

  5. Bomb the living shit out of

    Bomb the living shit out of Aceh, just as the Allies bombed Europe in order to free prisoners of the concentration camps and in Asia to free prisoners of war who were tortured.  Wherever there is this kind of inhumanity, the United States and its allies should intervene and teach them this kind of global barbarism will NOT be tolerated.  And cut of ALL foreign aid to Indonesia until they ensure human rights for all. 

  6. I hope the day comes when all

    I hope the day comes when all these people applying immoral treatment against LGBT people suffer in their own skin their violation of human rights of LGBT people. Their wickedness should not go unpunished.

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