Gay Couple Uses Technicality To Marry In Australia

We love loopholes, especially when it leads to happiness and no one gets hurt. 

We just cannot wait until Australians don't need technicalities to have marriage equality down under.

Hear how one Australian LGBT couple found a way to tie the not without physically leaving their island / continent.

A gay couple have tied the knot in Sydney, despite the fact Australia is yet to legalise marriage equality.

James Hanley, 23, and Dan Waknin, 35, took advantage of a legal diplomatic loophole which saw them marry in the British consulate before family and friends on Friday afternoon (February 5), reports the Daily Mail.

As James has dual citizenship as both an Australian and British citizen, he said he was able to marry his partner of two-and-a-half years at the British consulate, after officials advised the pair they could marry for $600AUD (£294).

While their marriage will not be recognised under Australian law, it will be by the British government.

“It was fantastic – it feels quite surreal. We’re very lucky very fortunate that I have the passport that we had the opportunity,” said Hanley.

“I was really, really shocked that it’s legitimate and you can do it and there are so few people that have gone and done it.”

The couple were reportedly given 90 days to plan their wedding after advising officials of their intention to marry. After attending the consulate with 20 guests, the newlyweds celebrated into the evening at Shelley Beach in the Sydney region of Manly. –



Hanley hopes Australia will pass marriage equality so their relationship can also be recognised legally in Australia, and hopefully within the next four years.

“For me, it’s more just a surprise that it in 2016 and it’s still a debated issue,” he said.
“There are so many bigger issues out there than this. Society and the world if slowly coming around to it – a lot more people these days are very open to it and legalising it will be a big step in eliminating homophobia in the next generation.” –

Floodgates of love and marriage are open!  Brush off those passports if you have them and let's hear those wedding bells ring. 

Congrats men and thank youfor sharing your story.

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