Gay Dramas ‘Fellow Travelers’ & ‘All of Us Strangers’ Get a Crossover!

Another moment, which seems like a fever dream happened IRL… The internet is left in disarray, and the gays are absolutely winning as the stars of LGBTQ+ dramas ‘Fellow Travelers’ and ‘All of Us Strangers’ had a crossover!

(c) Showtime / Paramount+ / Fellow Travelers // Searchlight Pictures / All of Us Strangers

You read that right — Jonathan Bailey, Matt Bomer, Andrew Scott, and Paul Mescal were spotted in one venue, and there are photos as proof. According to Gay Times, the location and reason behind the actors’ dreamy balcony meet-up have yet to be disclosed.


Meanwhile, here’s how these four hotties broke the internet 😉

“Fellow Travelers meet Strangers,” Twitter user @SRKzMessenger commented.


On the other hand, @OliviaACleary just found their Roman Empire:

“Um, HELLO, Matt Bomer, Andrew Scott, Jonathan Bailey, and Paul Mescal.

I tend to dislike those “this is the new Roman Empire” style comments, but I think this actually might be it.”


Moreover, Bailey and Bomer are starring in the historical romance series ‘Fellow Travelers’, which is available on Paramount+ via the platform’s with Showtime plan.

Scott and Mescal, on the other hand, have an upcoming romance fantasy film titled ‘All of Us Strangers’, which is set to be released in theaters on December 22.


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  1. How fun that the stars of two different gay dramas ‘Fellow Travelers’ and ‘All of Us Strangers’ had a crossover! Love that picture! The gays are surely winning!


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