Gay Marine Fights For Love In ‘Inspection’ Trailer

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A24 keeps giving us queer content. And we love the film studio for it!

The latest notch under A24’s belt is the upcoming movie The Inspection. Inspired by the personal story of director Elegance Bratton, of Pier Kids, the film is set to release son November 18. Back when we first heard word of the film last year, we learned that Gabrielle Union and Jeremy Pope had signed up for the movie. And now, we have our first trailer to see the two in action.


The Inspection tells the story of a closeted gay man surviving intense military training within the marines. Pope stars as Ellis French, a homeless youth who joins the Marine Corps after his mother (played by Union) disowns him for being gay. During his training, Ellis endures the wrath of his sergeant (Bookeem Woodbine) and falls for his superior (Raúl Castillo). All the while, he tries to survive to regain his mother’s love.

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The Inspection is set to premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and will also be played at the New York Film Festival. Part of this film depicts director and writer Bratton’s real life circumstances. The artist was kicked out of his New Jersey mother’s home at the age of 16. He was then homeless for a decade before joining the military as a combat cameraman. His other film Pier Kids depicts the New York City homeless queer youth community based in and around the Christopher Street Pier.

“I’m incredibly humbled that my debut feature film will close the New York Film Festival this year,” Bratton said in an earlier statement. “So many of my favorite filmmakers have made an impact as a part of this illustrious program. I’m overwhelmed to be a part of it. And as a New Yorker, this is a dream come true.”

NYFF artistic director Dennis Lim added that the “The Inspection” is “an autobiographical movie of rare power and confidence, a debut film for the ages.”

But when can you watch the movie? The film is planned to appear in theaters after the two film festival screenings, but no theatrical release date has been announced so far.

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  1. I really liked him in the gay show Hollywood. I also teared up watching the trailer to this new gay movie that I just found out about from this article. Appreciate the heads up. Can’t wait to check it out & eventually own it.


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