Gay Olympian Tom Bosworth Scares the Homophobes Away with a Simple Kiss

For National Coming Out Day, gay British Olympian Tom Bosworth posted a heartfelt photo with a beautiful message on Instagram. In the image, he is kissing his fiancé Harry Dineley.

The image immediately got tons of support, but then Bosworth saw the over 50 followers unfollowed his account. This baffled the Olympic race walker since he has been openly gay for years. In fact, at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Bosworth announced his engagement to Dineley:





Could this week get any better? He said yes by the way! #Olympics #MarryMe #Love

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A confused Bosworth took to Twitter to share what had happened with fans and received more outpour of support from fans:


Sure, 50 followers is a drop in the bucket for someone with almost 6K followers. And if a kiss between a gay couple makes them go running for the hills maybe you don’t want them following you. Live your truth, Tom–and let the haters UNfollow!

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