Gay Slur Directed Toward Father In Front Of Son – All In The Name Of The New President

Not all Trump supporters are ignorant.  I need to keep telling myself that.  We need to keep telling ourselves that.  I've had some great conversations with Trump supporters and realize we are very different. 

It seems that many Trumpites have looked the other way when it comes to the LGBT aspect of his politics and not made it a point of their support.  But others have grasped onto the anti-LGBT negativity that they've held onto for way too long and see Trump's election as a justification for those feelings and an "all-clear" sign to voice their bigotry.

It's news. It's sad to report, but reporting it may help in stopping it become a way of life for the next 4 years.  Here's the latest Trumpite spouting his hate nd getting caught for it.




KUSA – An employee at a Highlands Ranch flooring store is accused of using a gay slur against a customer who was with his four-year-old son.

James Shawlin said he was “verbally assaulted” by a manager at Floor and Decor in Highlands Ranch on Friday.

“It’s not about me getting somebody in trouble,” Shawlin said. “I just want to make people aware of what’s going on in the community.” –


What do we do?  What should be done?  It's like dealing with your racist homophobic grandfather that will never change.  Now he feels he is justification to act like this because he believes his new president is just like him. 

We don't have the answer besides be strong and brave and keep our heads held high. 

Thank you James for sharing your story with 9news and us. 

What if you were James? 

Would you tear down that stone work?

Or would you keep looking at that wall and realize you were in the right?


Mickey O’Sullivan, a spokesman for Floor and Decor, told 9NEWS the company was taking Shawlin’s report very seriously and would be conducting a thorough investigation that he hoped would be resolved as quickly as possible.

Floor and Decor is based in Atlanta and has about 75 stores across the country.

O’Sullivan, who said he’d been with the company for ten years, had never heard of a similar report of derogatory language used against a customer. –




What do you think?