‘Gayborhood’ Series Launches This Friday On REVRY

We've been wanting, aching, yearning for a series that can represent most of our rainbow family in a fun and entertaining way.  After watching the series trailer for Gayborhood, I think we have it!

I'm hooked.  The variety in that short clip alone is enough to pull me in and want for more. Gayborhood, REVRY’s first foray into original programming, will be released tomorrow February 17th. 

The six episode, full-length show is an unscripted, mock-reality series set in Chicago's LGBTQ neighborhood. Using satire and over-the-top humor, Gayborhood provides an irreverent commentary on the current state of reality TV and queer culture – all seen through the lens of a wacky and outrageous band of friends living in this vibrant neighborhood. Narcissistic drag queens, sex addicts, “fish out of water” Midwest gay folk, and – of course – everyone’s favorite, love-starved, gal pal all make up the Gayborhood.

Here's an introduction to some of the personalities living in the Gayborhood.




The first episode of Gayborhood will premiere globally on February 17, 2017 for free on all REVRY platforms and will be followed by weekly releases of additional episodes accessible with a REVRY subscription. REVRY is available for only $4.99 a month or at a discounted yearly price.

Okay, so what is this REVRY? It's the world’s first and only LGBTQ-dedicated OTT, mobile, and online-based digital streaming service.

Tell me you're not energized after watching this quick intro to REVRY.


REVRY will follow up this release with a slate of originals over the next year. In addition, to releasing lifestyle, scripted, and documentary programs, REVRY has launched in-house podcast productions via REVRY Studios, all of which will reflect REVRY’s mission of providing authentic stories and points of view from the LGBTQ community.

It's exciting to have a platform like REVRY to share and watch quality LGBTQ+ programming. I know that I personally have searched for something to supplement my "regular" television viewing for some time. There have been platforms out there, but often they are limited to certain programs ans subscriptions that have to be tagged onto other plans and accounts.  I love the fact that REVRY can stand alone and be viewed by so many more people on so many platforms.

“We are so thrilled to bring our show to this exciting and inclusive digital platform,” says Co-Producer & Co-Director, Colby Holt. “Telling authentic queer stories is what we’re all about,” adds Sam Probst, Co-Producer & Co-Director, “so partnering with REVRY has been a perfect fit. Being a queer-owned and operated platform makes a world of difference to us and our community.”

“We are super stoked to launch our 2017 lineup with the hilarious series, Gayborhood,” said Damian Pelliccione, Founder and CEO of REVRY. “Colby and Sam are such great filmmakers and we can’t wait to bring their larger-than-life characters to our dedicated audience.”

“Ultimately, our goal is to expand the scope of what queer storytelling means in the 21st Century,” says Pelliccione, “Now – more than ever – it is important to show the world that being LGBTQ is about more than sexuality: it’s about identity, politics, point of view, and visibility. Storytelling is the best way to get this message across and comedy is the most sure- fire way to receive this message. This is why Gayborhood is the perfect series to kick off our originals!”

Gayborhood is produced and directed by Colby Holt and Sam Probst. Consulting Producer, Stan Dembecki, is a two-time Emmy Award © winner.

Will you tune in for the Gayborhood?  It's already loaded up on my iPhone, laptop, iPad, and AppleTV.

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  1. Whilst I welcome this show

    Whilst I welcome this show and the commitment from REVRY to more original programming, this part of the industry needs to look at new revenue models. This week alone, i have seem 3 LGBT-focussed channels push original content (REVRY, Dekkoo, and Here TV). Id love to try out the content on all 3, but an additional $20-30 a month is not going to happen. There must be a way to separate the content generation from the content provision, or another business model which enables interested parties to see the widest range of content without signing up to a raft of individual channels



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