Groff And Reeves Square Off In “The Matrix Resurrections”

They say the opposite of love is hate. Of is it indifference? Either way, Hamilton star Jonathan Groff has some major feelings for his The Matrix Resurrections co-star Keanu Reeves. The Looking actor opened up recently to Entertainment Weekly about his fight scenes on the highly-anticipated next installment in The Matrix universe.


Groff spoke about the trust he and Reeves, the star of the John Wick franchise, had on set saying,

“[Director] Lana [Wachowski]’s like, ‘If you could do an open palm and put your finger right underneath Keanu’s eyeball and then smash his face into the wall, that would be great for camera.’ “I look at Keanu and he just gave me the nod, like, ‘Go for it.’ And the trust! I mean, I have to spin in a circle, slap my hand on his face, and then smash it into the thing. I feel like there’s so much love and respect that is swapped in those moments.”



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The Frozen star, 36, went on to discuss how quickly any anxiety about filming the demanding fight scenes disappeared,

“I think any anxiety that I had about fighting, any sort of ‘Oh my God, what am I doing here?’ energy, I just funneled into my commitment of being able to do it to the best of my ability. The minute I set foot on that mat, I was there to throw it down.”


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Groff spoke highly of bonafide action star Reeves, specifically the camaraderie and relationship that developed over filming,

“He taught me so much about the agreement of two people to hit each other but not hurt each other. It’s like making love with someone,” he explained. “When our fight was over, I felt deeply connected to him in a physical way.”  


The Matrix Resurrections opens nationwide in theaters and on HBO Max December 22nd. Check out the trailer below!


Sources: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I’ve had a crush on Jonathan since he was on “Glee”, then I found out he is gay then saw him nude on “Looking” and fell more in love.


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