Happy Zaddy Birthday To ‘Organized Crime’ Hunk Chris Meloni

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Law and Order: SVU matriarch Mariska Hargitay had some choice words for her co-star and close friend Daddy-of-the-moment Chris Meloni. And by choice words, we mean compliments galore as she showered her friend for more than two decades with the hashtag HE STILL GOT IT.

The Oz actor celebrated his 61st birthday and we agree one thousand percent with Hargitay who captioned her Instagram post, 


“You’re aging like a fine wine, cheers!”

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As previously reported by People magazine,

“In the shot, Hargitay and Meloni are seen sharing an embrace with the actor’s back turned to the camera. Making the moment all the more celebratory, Meloni sported a glittering jacket with the numbers “21” and “61” across the back.”


The two have had a strong friendship since they started working together on season one of Law and Order: SVU way back in September 1999. The show, currently in its 23rd season, is now the longest-running prime-time live actions series in the history of US television. {Damn think how much money Hargitay banks in residual checks alone! get it gurl.} Meloni left the series, after a contract dispute, in 2011 after the twelfth season. 

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The duo appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on March 29th promoting Meloni’s return to the franchise in the spinoff Law and Order: Organized Crime. The talk turned to Meloni’s newly appointed Zaddy status, and Meloni had this to say about what a Zaddy actually is, 

“an elderly gentleman who kind of exudes a certain athleticism and sex appeal.”


Elderly? Swap that word out with older and let’s get Zaddy in the Merriam-Webster.

Happy Birthday Chris from all your fans here at Instinct magazine!

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