Christopher Meloni Shows Off His Quads, Delts & Pecs On Twitter

As Thanksgiving Day quickly approaches, we’re eagerly anticipating cocktails, food, family and friends. This year however, we’ve received a hearty appetizer a day early courtesy of one of our favorite daddies, Law & Order: SVU actor Christopher Meloni. Meloni’s spontaneous share-fest kicked off when he posted a video of a moment from the 2011 Rugby World Cup, to which one fan simply responded “Chris can you post a selfie”?


Meloni responded with a snap of his thick thighs all the way down to his feet, living little to the imagination. As expected, fan reaction was instant, with responses varying from “the other half is missing and is needed for research purposes” to the affirmative¬†“this is definitely the content I’m here for”.¬†

One fan responded with the comment “Can you do higher up please, for science”? Meloni followed up with a triple threat shot of his bulging arm, broad shoulder, and beefy pec, with always requested chest hair shot. Fans clearly were thrilled, with comments flooding in like “What’s the OF (Only Fans) link”?


Whether he’s boating with a friend in 2020 or reuniting to film with SVU co-star Mariska Hargitay, Meloni never ceases to offer up plentiful helpings of eye candy. For example, when he read thirst tweets for BuzzFeed in 2019, Meloni got a kick out of a number of the tweets that spoke quite highly of his arms, ass and inherent daddy-ness.¬†

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