Has Every Gay Man Been Dumped By A Girl?

Even if you’ve been in witness protection, you know that the Will And Grace revival is heading to NBC on Thursday, September 28th. We. Are. So. Close.

It got me thinking…you know, about the woman in a gay man’s life.

No, not the one’s lucky enough to have a fantastic mother or sister. I’m talking about your best girlfriend, your Grace. You love her. She was there for you when you came out of the closet in high school. She was the first person you told about your new boyfriend, even if you were making up the relationship in your head. She's gushed over guys with you until you found your circle of gays that got you more.

Now we’re adults. As a gay man, you understand that both of you lead different lives.
Does she really know what it’s like being at White Party in Palm Springs? Does she truly know what happens in a bath house? Okay, point proven.  

Rather than sleeping next to you after drunken debauchery, now, she’s snuggled up with her fiancée. She isn’t your friend trying to hook you up with a curious, straight boy at the party. She’s going to her job, which became her career. She’s anticipating children… and wants you involved in their lives. She’s moved forward in her life…without you.



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Admit it, you were basically dating. Never sexual, of course, that’s not what sisters do. But, that was your girl. You did bring her home to mom.


Alright, I’ll be honest. I’m just arriving back to my apartment in Los Angeles after visiting home in Chicago. I’ve been gone for four years pursuing my dreams. My best girlfriend has visited me in Los Angeles. We’ve done the West Hollywood antics and tourism. She gets to marvel in my wonderful, gay life and couldn’t be more hypnotized.

Then you see her back in her home turf- yours, too, but you don’t live here anymore. You’ve moved across country while she’s been dedicated to her roots.  

Did we anticipate our first girlfriend to never live her own life? Should we be upset? Are we allowed?
We realize we’ve been dumped. Another one bites the dust! Yet, she’s not like your male exes. We aren’t upset and shading her on social media or leading a charge to her home with torches lit. We're happy for her.   

My best girlfriend just asked me to be her bridesmaid. Yes, you read that correctly. I joke that it’s an untraditional wedding seeing a man standing on the bride’s side. She doesn’t think that way. I'm so excited to honor our friendship… and see her hand taken by another man.

Have we all gotten dumped by a girl before…and we still love her. Can we all agree that it was the relationship we all needed to move ahead?  

Who’s your Grace? How much does she inspire you? Why is she the most important woman in your life?

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  1. I get the point of your

    I get the point of your article. It should ask why when your best gf gets a husband that they drop their gay friend. Are they using us till they find their man then toss us aside. Alot do..but also due that to their straight gf. .something is to be said about a person's loyalty when they do this whether gay or straight.


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