Has This Teacher Learned His Lesson After Having Sex With a Student?

Justin Adrian, a social studies teacher at Olathe East High School in Shawnee, Kansas, is being charged with a felony for unlawful sexual relations for having a sexual encounter with a student in his classroom. According to The Kansas City Star, Adrian, 33, connected with an 18-year-old student at his school using an online app (Grindr). The encounter occurred on September 6th when the student went to Adrian’s classroom and engaged in sexual acts after Adrian locked the classroom door. Adrian gave the student a hall pass so that he would not be late to his next class. Haven’t we seen porn movies that start this way?

According to court documents, Adrian told the student that he could be fired if people found out that they were engaging in conversation. The affidavit also states that messages between the teacher and student were ‘sexual in nature’. According to Fox4KC, Adrian asked the student to meet him at a nearby Target on September 6th, but the student declined. He persisted several other times during the day. Adrian was placed on administrative leave following the incident.

Olathe East High School sent letters to parents reading:

Dear Olathe East parents,

I wanted to make you aware that Mr. Adrian, your child's Social Studies teacher, will not be returning to Olathe East. We have an outstanding substitute in place currently and will be looking to name a permanent teacher as quickly as possible. Our substitute will be working closely with our Social Studies chair, and I am confident that students will have an excellent remainder to the 2018-19 school year. Once we have named a permanent teacher, we will communicate that information to you.

We are committed to working with our students and staff to make the transition as smooth as possible. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kerry Lane, Principal

Adrian was also a councilmember for Shawnee City Council. He resigned on September 12th.

Currently, Adrian is free on bond, but is due back in court on November 7th. If convicted he could serve over two and half years in prison.

h/t: The Kansas City Star, Fox4KC

9 thoughts on “Has This Teacher Learned His Lesson After Having Sex With a Student?”

  1.  It’s a shame they found a

     It's a shame they found a law to prosecute this. Yes, ethically it wasn't right to be having sex in a classroom with a student but the student was not a minor and there is no claim of assault. I would also add it says a student, not his student but even if Adrian was his teacher, it still is fundamentally an ethics problem in my mind. If convicted, this guy will have a sex offender wrap for the rest of his life. 

  2. Of course, had this teacher

    Of course, had this teacher talked this student into participating in a bank robbery, the student would be prosecuted, and so as an adult. Wait a minute…. he IS an adult.

    Only in America…

  3. WoW I would of done some

    WoW I would of done some sexual relations with him in a classroom when I was in school.  I would love to be his pen pal writing him in prison. My number is 336-469-3749 call me.

  4. The age of consent in Kansas

    The age of consent in Kansas is 16. However, Kansas has a law that bans sex between teachers and students. I am not sure abou the geographic scope of that law; but in this case, I think that is the law this teacher is alleged to have broken.

  5. ButWhoops! Must have missed

    ButWhoops! Must have missed this.  But, looks like they must have a "felony sexual relations" – good for them!

  6. First sentence: “being

    First sentence: "being charged with a felony for unlawful sexual relations for having a sexual encounter with a student in his classroom"

  7. Article doesn’t say what he

    Article doesn't say what he was charged with.  I'm assuming statutory rape – since many states do have an "age disparity" clause for people under 21. But 2+ years sounds really extreme for that. 

    Either way, grossly inappropriate behavior for a teacher at any time – let alone on school time & property. (Which I'm sure will come up during a statutory hearing.)

    FYI – if you work in any youth-facing, FBI clearance required role… set your Fucking sleaze apps age to 21+ you idiot. 

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