Have Something To Say? We’re Looking For Some Additional Voices At Instinct.

The beauty of our LGBT community is that it is made up of many different voices. The LGBT point of view is not easily nailed down for it is not from a single vantage point, but from within a prism.

Instinctmagazine.com has had many different writers/bloggers/reporters over the years share their ideas, thoughts, and beliefs as well as disseminate LGBT news on health, politics, entertainment, travel, and culture. Currently we are looking for a few new/additional voices to add to our site.

  • Do you have something to say to the LGBT community?
  • Do you think Instinct readers would be interested in your thoughts and opinions?
  • Are you up on current events that affect our community?

If yes, please email us your contact information as well as some writing samples. Tell us why you think would be a good fit to our team. Send it all over to blogger@instinctmag.com .  If we like what we see or want to know more, we'll reach out to you soon!


What do you think?