HBO Max Approved A Show About A TV Obsessed Gay Teen

Photo by Alex Suprun on Unsplash

We’re getting a new tv show about a gay teen who loves tv.

For many LGBTQ youth out there, the world of entertainment and television has blossomed. Representation and real-life for LGBTQ people have changed drastically in the past 10 years. Just look at Disney Channel’s recent Andi Mack finale as an example. And that’s a wonderful thing, as there are plenty of LGBTQ youth out there who love watching tv and binge shows regularly. Now, these tv viewers aren’t only getting LGBTQ representation but they’re getting tv-lover rep as well.

Deadline reports that HBO Max is working on a dramedy titled Drama Queen. The project is a “semi-autobiographical comedy set in the 1980s” centering on “a closeted, TV-obsessed teenager who copes with the harsh realities — and relative mundaneness — of life in small-town New Jersey by escaping to an alternate soap opera universe of his own creation.”

The story is yet another project based on the life of entertainment journalist Michael Ausiello (whom we’ve interviewed before about his upcoming works).

But keep in mind, this series will be separate from the upcoming memoir-to-film adaption Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies in the End, which will star Jim Parsons. That movie will focus on a more mature Ausiello and his relationships with husband Kit Cowan, who died of neuroendocrine cancer in 2015.

This HBO Max series is still in pre-production. Its script will be written by Ausiello himself and executive-produced by him as well.

A release date was not provided at the time of the story’s break.

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