Jim Parsons to Star in Film Adaptation of ‘Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies’

TVLine Editor-In-Chief Michael Ausiello wrote the memoir "Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies" about his life with late husband Kit Cowan, who was diagnosed with terminal neuroendocrine cancer in 2014. The critic describes the last eleven months of Cowan's life and the rollercoaster ride of being by his side, marrying him, taking him to and from doctor visits–all while dealing with the love/hate emotions that come with such a complex time. You'll need more than a box of tissues if you're going to read it!

Now, after just being released this year, the best selling book has been optioned to be turned into a film. The book has seen great success and is in its fourth printing!

But that's not all–the story has been optioned by none other than Big Bang Theory's Jim Parson and his husband Todd Spiewak's company That's Wonderful Productions. Parsons and Spiewak will be producers of the film and Ausiello will be Executive Producer. Parsons will also star in the film–perhaps an Oscar-worthy role?

No word yet on who will adapt the book for the screen, who will direct or who will co-star in the film.

If you haven't read Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, go online, head to the bookstore or the library and check it out–then cry until the film comes out.


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