HBO Max Drops The First ‘And Just Like That’ Teaser Clip

We’ve seen countless paparazzi shots of the ladies (and gents) of And Just Like That filming on the streets of New York City, and now we are getting our first on-screen look at the reimagining of the HBO classic show Sex and the City. While the clip is brief, we get to see the three remaining landmark characters-Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte-in their New York high fashion best, for the first time on screen together since the film Sex and the City 2 (in 2010). While there have been numerous rumors and plot points discussed about Carrie and her husband ‘Mr. Big’ (John James Preston, played by Chris Noth), we see them looking to be more in love than ever during the clip. 


The clip, while brief, shows a decidedly all grown up now trio of New York City ladies. Big & Carrie seem as in love as ever, and the ladies look to be pleasantly surprised to see someone. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is holding an Oscar de la Renta garment bag and wearing Alexander McQueen, while Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie is decked out in Maison Valentino. Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda is decked out in a Dries Van Noten multi-colored look to perfectly match her own multi-faceted character. 

The clip was revealed earlier this week, right before the And Just Like That cast lost Willie Garson suddenly, who portrayed Carrie’s best friend and confidante (and Mario Cantone’s on-screen husband) Stanford Blatch. Tributes instantly poured in, with Cantone (who portrays the frenetically wonderful Anthony Marentino) saying “I couldn’t have had a more brilliant tv partner”. Cynthia Nixon (who portrays Miranda Hobbes) simply said “we all loved him and adored working with him” and that he was “endlessly funny on screen and off”. The official instagram page for And Just Like That said that Garson “created one of the most beloved characters in the HBO pantheon”.


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  1. It is a shame that these ladies aren’t allowed to mature, nothing sadder than women getting older competing with the younger generations. Geez let them grow up, please.


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