Hillary Clinton Slams Trump Administration on LGBT Issues

Last night, at the annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner in Washington, D.C., former Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reaffirmed her support of the LGBT community while slamming the Trump administration on how it has handled LGBT issues since Donald Trump took office earlier this year. 

She was honored at the event, along with Orange is the New Black actress Uzo Aduba and Amazon CEO Jeff Besos. She was introduced by tennis legend Billie Jean King, who calls Hillary a "shero".  

Hillary began her speech by comparing it to a family reunion.  “That’s, for me, in large measure because I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from so many of you in the LGBT community over the years,” Hillary said. “I think it’s fair to say you’ve made me a better first lady, a better senator, a better Secretary of State, a better presidential nominee, a better person.

Hillary then went in on the Trump administration and its anti-LGBT agenda, which she criticized profusely during her speech.  “It is just wrong that in 2017 you can lose your job, lose your home, or, if this administration gets its way, be denied a wedding cake simply because of who you are or who you love,” she exclaimed.

As I believe more fiercely than ever now, gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights,” she continued. “These attacks on the LGBT community, here at home and around the world, are striking and scary.

HRC president Chad Griffin had this to say about Hillary's support.  “Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime fighting for the vulnerable, marginalized, and oppressed—and she’s not about to back down now.  As we confront powerful political forces built on hate and fear, Hillary—and the majority of American voters who backed her—have continued to champion the values that truly make America great.

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  1. She won’t be silenced, but

    She won't be silenced, but she will be silent, until the political risk to herself is zero.


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