How Do We Determine Who Gets A Second Chance?

Why Is Porn Seemingly Unforgivable?

Alright, you've definitely read my colleagues trending article on Michael Hoffman's porn guilt.

In a video posted to social media, Hoffman states:

"I lose girl after girl. I can’t land a relationship. Can’t get a job. Can’t go anywhere. Can’t do anything. Every single person I meet finds out or knows about it, gets creeped out, doesn’t want to be f*cking friends with me. My f*cking life sucks."



As a gay man, it's really easy to stand by Hoffman's side. Likely because he's exceptionally hot. Hell, there are handful of porn stars who have became bona fide LGBTQ celebrities simply by the community fan-girling over them and treating them as such.

Hoffman is a bit different, he's heterosexual, appears to be trying to put his past behind him, and from his guilt-ridden video, doesn't want to be in the spotlight anymore. He alleges there is no opportunity for him to be employed, to date, and he has little to no social life.

Enter Mark Cropp, a 19 year old from New Zealand and former prison inmate with a horrible face tattoo that reads "DEVAS8" (devastate). According to Men's Health, after pleading on social media, Cropp was given a complimentary laser tattoo removal. The article reads:


"Cropp was drunk on prison moonshine when he had his face tattooed by his brother. Despite it obviously being a red flag to employers, he said he was initially reluctant to have it removed for fear of it looking like he had a bunch of blackheads."

Cropp's bravery was applauded and he's been loaded with job offers.

"As far as those job offers, Cropp still hasn’t settled on one yet. 45 job offers have come in from throughout the country, but he says he’s waiting for 'just the right one.'"

I am very happy for Cropp advancing in his young life. But, why was it so easy to forgive him and shower him with a reward, but not Hoffman? Prison mischief? Drunken mistake? What is it?

Why is it so hard for society to give sex workers and adult entertainers the opportunity to leave their past behind? If anything, we should be supporting someone who wishes to not continue selling their body on camera. These people potentially had no other option but sex at some point. Why should we berate them and dismiss these individuals for trying to change? Haven't we all matured? Haven't we all made less than smart decisions?

I'm a firm believer in second chances. If someone wants to make a move forward in their life, I will not judge their past. I wish both of these men the best of luck, but it appears only one of them needs it. I'm standing by you, Mister Hoffman!

Would you be willing to hire a former sex worker without judgment?

Images of Cropp via Facebook

3 thoughts on “How Do We Determine Who Gets A Second Chance?”

  1. Uh..he wasn’t really gay for

    Uh..he wasn't really gay for pay as most videos were nothing more than solos. The over the top tats aren't really a professional look for any meaningful job. 


    The one sex vid he did was with a chick…where he could barely keep it up (just an observation). These idiots who do these things then cry later are getting a little silly.


    He knew what he was doing.

  2. If he hates it so much he

    If he hates it so much he should stay off social median and stop posting naked pics and vids. 

  3. You do realize that as a solo

    You do realize that as a solo performer he was never gay-for-pay. He was solo-for-pay.


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