How Open Are You About Your Fetish(es) And Turn-Ons?

When it comes to finding a man, there's an app for that.  Well, there are dozens and dozens of apps for that.  I have profiles on a lot of them, but don't really find too many real connections when I go shopping on my phone. 

There's apps for all kinds of men. Grindr for the pretty and smooth, Scruff for the fit and hairy, Growlr for the bears and their chasers.  Those are my top three when I feel like going onto the grid to manshop, never really buying, but the window shopping is usually a lot of fun. There's GuySpy, Daddyhunt, Jack'd, Surge, and Tinder, too, but I forget to log onto those as much as the others.  In the middle of my "THE BOYS" folder on my phone is the Recon app, one that I feel kind of pushes the envelope, goes out of the borders, and has users that are more open and honest than the rest.

When my friends ask me "what's that!" when they see the black, red, and white app in the center of all the others, I tell them "It's a fetish app. You know, where you can go find guys that have fetishes."  It's a weak description, but that's what it is. They look at me like the RCA dog and follow up with, "what are you doing on that app!"

It goes without saying that it's a very adult app.  The pictures and the profiles can be quite eye opening if you are not use to the leather, rubber, domination, submissive world, and it's not all just those things either.  There's a lot of people on there trying to find out what their fetish are.  It's ike a leather studded, jock strapped sandbox.  Come on in and play.

Do leather men scare you? Do guys in rubber freak you out? Well, stop clutching your pearls Helen and get to know one of those guys.  The Recon YouTube Channel just uploaded a very NSFW video where we get to meet not one, but two Recon members.

We’re turning the Recon spotlight on two members who share one profile, kinky couple Cuirlatex75003.

I wanted to share this with you because at one point in time, when I was younger, I was a little scared/frightened/highly turned off by a Recon kind of guy. But now, after knowing some of them and chatting with them in person and online, it's not as spooky and it's actually exciting. I am sure there are some others out there that may feel the same.

Did I say this is adult already?  Yes, I did.  So get your big boy pants on, may they be leather, rubber, or worn jeans, and get to know these two men.



I think seeing men that are into these activities talking candidly and openly with no hesitation or issues is very healthy.   Julien and Stephane's Recon profile is just as open and honest. (NSFW once again

And I think that is a very popular thing on Recon, being open and honest. Compared to the other apps where most of the men are too f*&king lame to upload or send a face pic, Recon men are usually very descriptive to what they like, who they are looking for, and so on.

Is this post an add for Recon?  No, but it can be downloaded at This post is more to show that men like Julien and Stephane are just as approachable as us and sometimes more approachable than men from other apps.  And it seems very healthy for them to talk about their sex lives, likes, desires, etc.

Thanks guys for sharing!

Do you agree that there are different men on different sites?  And that difference runs into their personalities, too?


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