How Trump Could Destroy Obama’s LGBT Progress

Gie him a chance.  He won't be as bad as he seems.

For many gay men, that's like your mother saying maybe you just haven't found the right girl yet.

We are going to have to watch what Obama has gained for us over his past 8 years. Matt Baume's recent video helps us flag those Barack LGBT equalities and protections that will most likely be at risk in the early days of the new Trump administration.


The list is not lengthy but it cover so much.

  • Hate Crime Prevention Act
  • Visitation Rights and Family Medical Leave Act
  • Affordable Care Act protection from being denied medical coverage based on sexuality.
  • Federal Contractors – cannot be denied because of sexuality.
  • Equal access rule in public housing
  • Due Process and Equality when it comes to Marriage
  • Global Equality Fund Assistance
  • Identification of National LGBT Historic Landmarks

Thanks as always Matt Baume.  We will definitely have to watch for these and other Obama advances as we progress through The Donald Administration.

And yes, we know that not all Instinct readers are Democrats.  We realize there are Republicans LGBTers that follow us. We will report on the good things he will accomplish for our community when it happens and when it looks like there is some hope and promise.


h/t:  Matt Baume

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