Hugh Jackman Gives Chris Meloni a Run In The Hottest Daddy Department

Credit: Hugh Jackman Instagram

Hugh Jackman‘s still got it all this time later.

The Australian native, who has been making many of us weak in the knees with his sinfully delicious body and gorgeous face for years, continued with that tradition when he was spotted in The Hamptons on Thursday, July 9.


It was a simple yet fun day for Hugh as he was seen walking through one of the area’s beautiful beaches in just a pair of short board shorts. The snaps (SEEN HERE) are a tad blurry but you are still able to see just how incredible his physique still is. Photogs also captured him having a Baywatch kind of moment when he headed back to the sand completely wet. 

There have been countless shirtless memories from the 51-year-old during his lengthy film career. Fans have even managed to get a glimpse of his perfectly shaped butt as evidenced in the movies X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolverine, and Someone Like You


Fellow hunky actor and super hot daddy Chris Meloni also has a history of turning up the heat, both on and off screen. Lately he’s been doing a great job at displaying just how well he’s aged especially with the pic above where he’s looking at you as if you’re, um, well, you know. 

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