If I Were A Toy Commercial Has Everyone Buzzing & Thinking About Their Childhood.

I think we all may have been this boy at one point in time in our lives.  It wasn't until we were told the pink aisles should be considered off limits to us boys did we lose the feeling of ultimate excitement in the toy store.   I remember shopping for toys, seeing pink, and heading in the other direction for that is what I was conditioned to do.  What toys and fun were housed down those aisles? 

In this new Smyth's Toy Store advert, Oscar finds out what is down those aisles for a brief moment.





Smyths Toy Superstore Advert 2016 If I Were A Toy Commercial. The story documents the journey through the imagination of a charming young boy Oscar who becomes enchanted by the toy store before him, using the lyrics of the Beyonce hit ‘If I Were a Boy’ and changing it to ‘If I Were a Toy”.  – youtube.com


Why does Oscar look a little stressed when he's in front of the crowd of other toys while in the princess dress?  Is it stage fright?  Is it people seeing him in a dress?  Is he uncomfortable?  STFU Adam.  He's having fun and exploring.  And I think that is what the commercial is about.  Even though there was just one exploration with a "traditional girls' toy," it was enough to get social media talking.   The advert is telling kids to just go in and explore and find a toy that you like.  Don't be afraid of and don't limit yourself to the pink or blue aisles.

Oscar, we are jealous!  Most of us didn't have the run of the store, most of us didn't get the easy bake oven we wanted for a birthday or holiday, most of us didn't get to play with the dolls, but instead had to make due with action figures. It is a new age. 

Have fun kids.  Just have fun.


What do you think?