‘In The Dollhouse With Lina’ Returns For A Double-Sized Third Season

With a vibrant pink backdrop (and copious amount of some very rare Barbie dolls) House Music DJ and New York City nightlife legend Lina returns with a luscious new season of In The Dollhouse with Lina. For the intimately fabulous third season, In The Dollhouse with Lina doubles the fun, with two guests featured on every single episode. With past guests like actress/activist Candis Cayne, Pose star Dominique Jackson, and the legendary Whoopi Goldberg, the new season’s guests and vibe are, as Lina says, “all the way Lina amplified like the true essence of all that is Linishhh”!

(Photo Courtesy- Basil Rodericks)

It does not take a visit from the newly minted Magic 8 Ball (renamed Balliquia, Lina’s co-host and cohort in crime) to see that the roster of guests on In The Dollhouse with Lina this year is as fierce as the host. Joining in pairs, guests like Amanda Lepore and Bob The Drag Queen (Episode 1) Joey Arias and Travis Wall (Episode 4) and Miss Lawrence and Nicki Doll (Episode 8) join Lina, one virtual and one in-studio. As always, Lina offers up a side of her guests that fans don’t normally see. “I love showcasing my guests’ love and light,” she explains, adding that fans will be especially surprised by her interview with Amanda Lepore. “Everyone knows her for the visual goddess that she is but I’m really excited for people to hear how fun and hilarious Amanda truly is.”



The backdrop of Lina’s career in entertainment beginning early is more represented on the vividly colorful In The Dollhouse with Lina. After modeling and studying dance for ten and a half years, the modern ballet, tap and jazz that she would master would parlay itself into part of her signature style. Moving to the dance floor, Lina become one of the premier and most in-demand DJ’s in the business, spinning records worldwide and having a decade long Fire Island residency.

Photo Courtesy-Basil Rodericks 2021

Being a trans woman most definitely does not define the essence of who Lina is. Raised by Aries women that taught the future New York City nightlife doyenne to be confident in the skin that she is in, Lina has quite simply, never done labels. She has however, effortlessly worn them. 



(Photo Courtesy-Basil Rodericks 2021)

Tune in next Wednesday, April 14th at 5pm EST to watch the Season 3 premiere of ‘In The Dollhouse with Lina’ on IGTV


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