Inject yourself with some body confidence with our favourite Psychotherapist!

We've previously mentioned Matthew J. Dempsey in our 5 Ways to be a Happy Homo article, in which the psychotherapist helped us learn some techniques to ultimately feel great about ourselves.


Well, hes back at it again! In Matt's latest video, he speaks about body positivity, learning to love and feel comfortable in our own skin, and not to feel any shame,

Its clear that Matt isn't just a cute guy with a hot body, there's a huge heart there, and a will and desire to do good for the LGBT community.

Matt had this to say about the video


Doing this photo shoot and video was not a ploy to nab some extra attention under the guise of body positivity and “loving yourself at any size.” Though that’s true, I understand how ridiculous that message can be coming from me. Genetics has given me an unearned advantage in life and it’s easier for me to love my body when the world around me tells me it’s looking just fine.

That said, I’ve rarely posted even a nip slip because that’s not what I’m trying to be about or promote. I’ve been afraid to show any of my body for fear that others could feel worse about theirs or even more that you would all think I’m a fraud and not care about me or what I have to say anymore. Though therapy is my passion, it’s not the one note that defines me. I can sometimes get stuck in trying to predict what others want from me and not disappoint and my social media presence has been no exception.

But is this video an indication of a new direction for Matt?

Though I don’t have any major plans of stripping down publicly on the reg, I did want to challenge my people-pleasing and literally strip down my fear of the eye rolls and rejection. When I have unrealistic expectations of myself to do things perfectly, then I’m going to have the same expectations of others and I’ll wind up happy with no one. So, here’s to a little bit of ego, a lot of surrender, and a whole lot of beauty in a shoot created by my friend Jerrad Matthew.

We hope that this video gives you guys a little boost of confidence today, because we are now brimming with it!

3 thoughts on “Inject yourself with some body confidence with our favourite Psychotherapist!”

  1. Ugh, wish people would wise

    Ugh, wish people would wise up to this guy. He's no different to all the other sexy boys on Instagram wanting to cash in his looks for your attention and cash. Hope you can all FINALLY see that with this post.

  2. I am a white, cis, gay male..

    I am a white, cis, gay male….who is also a Psychotherapist.  I have a great body image although some may wonder why.  smiley

    What I worry about here is not his body image…..but maybe a unresolved case of Narcissism?

  3. Wait a minute.

    Wait a minute.

    Do you really want us to believe that a white cis-gay ripped and fit, that is the exact representation of the sterotypical gay, is here to talk us about "body positivity"?



    Have you no shame at all?


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