Instinct Exclusive with Adult Film Star Extraordinaire Wesley Woods!

Wesley Woods is simply an adorable guy with a big heart and a clear mind of his own.  He has developed a major social media following in a short period of time due to his good looks and fun persona while racking up a ton of awards and nominations in the process.

He is as versatile in the studios that he has worked with similarly to how versatile he is on camera with the hot guys he’s working with.  But outside of what we see, what else is there to know about this charming and upbeat guy?

We sat down with Wesley to discuss his experience at this year’s GayVN’s (he was nominated for Performer of the Year), how his name is the same as a church camp, who he wants to work with and how writing and comedy are some of the biggest loves in his life.  Take a look.

What was the GayVN’s for you like this year?

I recently won Best porn star, had a nomination for Performer of the Year at XBiz and was also nominated for Performer of the year at the GAYVN’s— I was on cloud 9 walking into the weekend. First off, I LOVE when I’m able to spend time with my peers and others who work in the industry- I take pride in the work I do and the people I do it (literally) with. The production of the GAYVN’s is the real deal, Shangela was a FANTASTIC Host and I absolutely LOVED seeing friends win awards for their HARD, pun-intended, work! It’s an exciting time to be in the industry- there’s so much love amongst us guys.

So how did you find yourself in the adult industry in the first place?

I guess I never NOT saw myself as an entertainer— performing standup before doing porn, I wanted to become— something more. I wanted my comedy to go— a little further. Porn seemed natural. If my parents would love me less maybe I wouldn’t have created, “Wesley Woods.”  They love and support me in all my life choices while offering some great guidance. Even when I picked my stage name- “Wesley Woods” my mother was right there beside me offering her opinions. Wesley is the name of the Main Street in the town I’m from and I use to play in the woods at my parents ranch. It felt like I still had a piece of “where I’m from.” . A quick Google search and I noticed the name is also a church camp- and momma’s guidance all these years taught me that THAT was a sign from God and a star was born.

Since you started, have you found that the overall experience has been a positive one for you?

Everyone’s experience is different, that’s obvious. Mine has been interesting to say the least, I mean- I’m fucking for a living. Working in the sex industry has equipped me with the ability to love myself in my current form- both mentality and physically. I am creating content surrounding sex and comedy. Sex is fun, can be funny, sometimes awkward- but, hopefully ALWAYS GOOD! I rather enjoy walking the walk as I talk the talk- embodying sex positivity.

Who has been your favorite scene partner to film with and why?

I have so many! Honestly— there’s some really great guys who are very forward thinking and kind, loving, individuals. For me, I “get off” on knowing there’s someone that’s going to watch this at a later time. I like imagining a stranger on the other side of the screen having an orgasm as I’m, “working.”

Is there anyone you are dying to work with, albeit a director or fellow star?

Yes. There’s A LOT of guys I’m DYING to film with— my dream would be to have an orgy with a few of them. In general I’m ALWAYS looking to collaborate with creatives in all art forms. I’m a creative and I LOVE the freaks!

Tell us the difference between what “reel sex” and “real sex” is?

Reel Sex- I’m not sucking your dick until the director screams, “Action.”

Real Sex- I am sucking your dick all over town at all hours of the day and week and month and year and… yeah. If “real sex” is an option for me and another (others) I’m all in— and, hope you are, too!

Porn is WORK!! Trying to explain it will never give the experience, interested in knowing— apply.

I know you are a big advocate for body positivity in our community.  What inspired you to become one, and do you hope others will follow in your footsteps?

It amazes me that it’s a “movement.” Let people be people. Let people love who they want, how they want, when they want. Let people dress how they want, look how they want- LIVE how they want. My mom instilled in me love and compassion for others at a young age— I am a caretaker and love to love. Treat others the way you’d like to be treat- is always a good sentence to use as a reminder. I live a life of love and much rather spend my time complimenting someone than the opposite.

2018 is still underway, is there anything big we can expect from the Wesley Woods brand?

I’m currently a brand ambassador for iWantEmpire- with brands iwantclips, iwantgayclips, iwantcustomclips, iwantphone, iwantfanclub. IWantEmpire is creating a platform where artists don’t have to survive but THRIVE—I’m very excited about building the brand while helping performers along the way.

There’s also LOTS of travel, filming and comedy happening in 2018– I’m thrilled to spend the year meeting more “fans” otherwise known as my #armyofhoes. will be up and running in spring 2018– “Whore-o-scopes” “sex positive humor tees & merchandise” “Q&A section” and lots more.

Overall, what are you most hopeful for as your career continues?

I’m actively creating my own content with iWantEmpire— I’m THRILLED about the type of content and creative erotic pieces that the platform allows me to create.  I am happiest when producing. and and— I’m going to continue to write every day— I have a scripted tv show, cartoon, one man show and book idea in mind and until the opportunity presents to further the ideas  I’ll continue doing as I have and “hoe with a heart on.”


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