Instinct’s Most Read Stories Of 2016.

Many of us just want 2016 to be over. With so many things happening these past 365 days, many of us are looking back on the year as a "can we do it over" kinda year.  Or was it your best year yet?

With the stars we have lost, the "deplorable" election, Pulse, etc., we all just want to move onto 2017 and start fresh.  But before we go, let's look back on the TOP 10 stories according to how many hits each post received. 

If you forgot the story, we've included a couple of words to refresh your memory.  Click on each title to go to the original post.


Honorable Mention – Shelter for LGBT Homeless Youth to Open in Early 2017. Thanks Bea Arthur!

Homeless LGBT youth are so numerous in large cities across the United States, from New York City to Portland, Oregon and everywhere between.  There will be a new home for wandering LGBTers in NYC soon all thanks to a golden girl.

#10 – California Approves LGBT History Lessons For Classrooms.

Was the LGBT movement mentioned in your history classes?  What grade were you in when any teacher mentioned anything in regard to LGBT history?  Well, for California school children, this will now start at the second grade.  Thanks Matt Boone for posting this video on your Facebook page.

#9 – Twitter Full Of Gay Slurs Attacking Anderson Cooper After Debate

Looks like we learned one thing from this last presidential debate, Trump's anti-gay deplorables know how to use twitter.  Hang on Anderson Cooper.  It's gonna get bumpy.

There are many more over at along with more dialogue about pussy grabbing, locker room talk, and the like.

Do we go after these deplorables for slander like Twitter has with Azealia Banks and Milo Yanni-somethingorother?

Or do we just ignore them like we have all the other morons that have called us names in the past?

#8 – 49 Celebrities Pay Tribute to Orlando Shooting Victims

Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, Glee) directed a new 18-minute video to pay tribute to the innocent victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting. 

Released by the Human Rights Campaign, the video features LGBT allies and icons Lady Gaga, Colton Haynes, Jane Fonda, Matt Bomer, Sarah Paulson, Kerry Washington, Caitlyn Jenner, and many others.

#7 – Dancing Man's Pants Split Exposing Junk To Party Goers (NSFW)

Should we call this pulling a Lenny??

Like Lenny Kravitz before him, this dancing man's trousers just couldn't contain the party in his pants. While attempting to dip it low, his penis decided it was time to make its own dance party appearance!

Watch the NSFW clip that his co-worker Snapchatted–and which subsequently hit the interwebs for eternity.

Our kinda party.

#6 – Don Lemon Facing Backlash For Complimenting Kathy Griffin's "Nice Rack" Live On-Air

What's your take on this latest bit of controversy??

Don Lemon's currently getting slammed for telling comedian Kathy Griffin that she has "a nice rack" during CNN's New Year's Eve coverage. This, of course, happened after Kathy stripped down to her bra live on-air.


#5 – Ryan Reynolds' "Perfect Penis" Makes An Appearance In 'Deadpool'

If you needed any convincing to see Deadpool, we're pretty sure the promise of a naked Ryan Reynolds is sure to get butts in the theater.

The actor apparently had a to shoot a completely nude fight scene and it sounds like nothing is left to the imagination!

#4 – Sleeping Subway Rider Is *Very* Awake Downstairs

The guy fell asleep while riding the subway, but there's one *big* part of him that's VERY much awake. Check out the NSFW-ish video here.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge the miracle/curse of spandex.

He could probably use an extra seat…

#3 – John Barrowman's Husband Accidentally Goes Full Frontal Nude During Facebook Chat (NSFW)

Arrow star John Barrowman's husband Scott Gill accidentally gave us quite the NSFW show while Barrowman was Live Facebook chatting with fans!

You'll see why John's a very lucky man when Scott walks into frame full-frontal nude! Skip to about 1:55 into the video.

#2 – Orlando Shooter Was A Regular At Pulse, Had Profile On Jack'd App

It appears that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen may have been a regular at Pulse nightclub.

Another source, Kevin West, tells MSNBC's Chris Hayes that Mateen reached out to him on the gay dating app Jack'd:

Hayes also confirmed that he'd spoken with another source who noted Mateen as a regular at Pulse.

#1 – LGBT Hate Crimes Expected To Skyrocket With Trump's Presidential Win

According to a report from Gay Star News, activists are fearful that Donald Trump's presidential win will correlate to an increase in anti-LGBT violence.

Many are concerned that Trump's campaign rhetoric could inspire homophobes to take drastic action.

With news of Trump's presidential win, people took to social media to express their concerns.


With the number one story being what it is, maybe we are not looking forward to 2017.

We will have to stay stronger than ever, more vigilant, and more dedicated to our causes, our desires, and are wishes for a better life for all LGBT family members.

What do you think?