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Gay Olympic Diver Shares the heartfelt story.

Chicago Teacher Killed His Boyfriend With Stranger For Fantasy

Their story began in online chat rooms and ended with a nationwide man hunt after the tragic murder of one of their boyfriends.

  Creator of Gay Athlete Short Film Wants To Expand Story

Creator of "In the Dark" short film started a Kickstarter to make the gay athlete romance a full feature film.

Artist says "men have this wonderful thing between their legs that to some degree protrudes …"  Let's find out what he says after the ellipsis.

Even though cat desperately needs a home, owner says no. What is a man and a cat to do?

"A 'f*ck you' to body-shaming!" (NSFW-ish)
These men are showing that you should never hide behind clothing, no matter what shape you are.

Finding An LGBTQ Friendly Doctor Is Becoming So Much Easier!
Do you need help finding that doctor you can trust and be honest and open with about everything? Looks like there may be some help with that dilemma.


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