Is Aaron Carter Scamming Us Again?

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The Troubled Child Star Announced An OnlyFans Account But The Critics Are Ruling It A Sham

People think Corey Feldman scammed people with his recent documentary? Not compared to this next story. Spring has sprung which means former child megastar, Aaron Carter, has came out of hibernation and is feening for headlines. If you’ve been following “gay media” for the last few years, you’ll know that Carter has had a complicated history with the community. Right after doing some Pride performances in July 2017, he was blabbing about deceit within his family on social media which led to him acting a little, Amanda Bynes-ish. In August 2017, he decided to come out as bisexual. He proceeded to go on a gay bar tour and talk about coming out of the closet. Then he begged for a rewind: He’s not bisexual at all – he’s straight. And his mental health has declined ever since. This all started with him getting arrested for drunk driving and possession, thus he was using “coming out of the closet” as a tactic to right his wrongs as we’ve seen others like Kevin Spacey do in the past. We weren’t buying it, but Carter is still determined to get back into our good graces. So, he went the route that most Personal Trainer Instagram Influencers take: Selling nudes online for a monthly fee.


According to Cocktails And Cocktalk, Carter just opened an OnlyFans account. Lord. He’s requiring a $50 a month sign up fee – which is above your Average Joe-matuer Pornstar, but he was music royalty at some point, so I wouldn’t believe anyone was expecting dollar menu prices. After you pay for the month, however, you’re just simply in. He’s then charging $125 to unlock individual photos on top of that. Fool us once, Aaron – shame on you. Fool us twice – shame on you. Allegedly, the OnlyFans account is complete garbage. Carter posts seemingly nothing and a twenty second video is going to cost you some more money. Not only that – his nudes were previously leaked (and not anything to be ashamed of might I add) and he is selling something easily Googleable for over a hundred bucks. Carter was also involved in a scam last year where he conned fans out of $50K, but denies that it was him since he wasn’t on a verified account.

Carter is certainly packing some heat, is covered in tattoos, and hasn’t lost all of his looks. It doesn’t surprise anyone that someone like him would have an OnlyFans account. However, we have already previously discussed at some point having an OnlyFans account makes you undateable. Even trail blazing pornstar Austin Wolf is confused why anyone would want to date someone who makes sex videos on OnlyFans. But, he’s currently showcasing his girlfriend, a Kardashian-type Instagram Influencer, but she allegedly is in none of his videos. So what is he doing at this point? Where is the next step? Carter is clearly at his wits end and it’s awful to see him spiral this far down. What’s even worse is that he’s scamming people who would otherwise be supporting him, thus not being reliable for the future. It’s a shame all around.

I know you came to see his leaked nudes – so feel free to head here.

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