It’s Going to be a Weenie of a Good Time When Pence Visits Kansas City

Vice President Mike Pence is on his way to Kansas City, Missouri. The anti-LGBTQ conservative will be helping out with a fundraiser for Republican Kevin Yoder who is seeking re-election during November’s midterm elections. But Pence will certainly be welcomed in a unique way in Kansas City—and it’s all thanks to a local radio station.

Alternative radio station 96.5 The Buzz tweeted out that they’ll be welcoming Pence with his very own ‘sausage fest’. That’s right! Tons of wieners in honor of Pence.

The radio station declares that it is a demonstration on Pence’s anti-LGBTQ positions. They will hand out a free hot dog to anyone who arrives—while supplies last. They’ll even be giving out vegan sausages for you less carnivorous types.

Earlier this year, London prepared itself for the arrival of Donald Trump by holding a large drag protest in his honor.

If you’re in Kansas City, head over to Pence’s sausage fest and be sure to wear as much rainbow apparel as possible. He’ll thank you for it!

h/t: 96.5 The Buzz

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