Jazz Jennings To Touch On Taboo Topics In New Season. ‘Bottom Surgery’, Therapy, Dating.

I haven't reported too much on transgender health, lives, or news, except for the unfortunate deaths/killings or bathroom law issues. 

I'm not in touch with the transgender community.  I don't have any friends that are transgender.  Last year, I was super excited to become friends with a very well known transgender man over Facebook.  He was very appreciative for some of the coverage we gave him and I was a little star struck that we were now Facebook friends. I have made a great amount of friends through this job and I hope to continue to do so. 

Not knowing much about him, his past, or who he was, I asked him a question over messenger, using the same channel we had been using for correspondence.  I know that all transgender people are not attracted to the opposite gender once they transition.  I typed:

So. Here's a question for you. Do you find it odd, insulting, or a learning experience for someone to ask if you are interested in dating men or women?

That was the last I heard from him.  Now maybe he just became too busy to respond to little ol' me or I really did insult him with the question.  I took it as I insulted him and gave up on the friendship. I did send a follow -up message, but still no response.

We cut our losses and move on.  But I really didn't know if I insulted him or not. Hence my shying away from transgender issues.

But with watching this preview of the new season of "I Am Jazz," I may be covering more transgender issues in the future.

Jazz Jennings faces all the usual challenges of being a teenager, and then some as she pursues her gender transition. Besides learning how to drive, she's also going head to head with the controversial Tomi Lahren about the spread of bathroom legislation.



Dating (and who) and therapy are just a couple of the topics that will be covered this next season starting on June 28th on TLC. A good amount of the preview talks about 'bottom surgery', a topic that so many transgender stars have said is very taboo to talk about.

Is Jazz showing that talking about it is making it less taboo?

Is it just her story and she has chosen to let the cameras into every part of her life?

TBH, I haven't watched "I Am Jazz," but I think I will now.

Do you watch "I Am Jazz"?

Would you recommend it to others to watch?

h/t: TLC


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