Joe Manganiello Rocks Blue Hairdo & Reads Thirst Tweets: Watch

Credit: Joe Manganiello Instagram

Need something eye-catching to start your 2021 off with? Joe Manganiello to the rescue!

The Magic Mike star became the latest A-list hunk to read some of his thirstiest tweets in an ongoing series with Buzzfeed last month. 


He also showed off his dazzling blue hairdo that was puffy at the top and totally shaved at the sides. Woof. Pair that with his gorgeous face plus a sizzling salt and pepper beard and you have a stunning daddy who continues to get hotter with age. Again, woof. 

Fans naturally had an IDFAG attitude about their feelings towards the hunky 44-year-old. “Joe Manganiello is so f***ing fit I’d lick BBQ sauce off his pecs,” one tweeted. He was fine with them engaging in this activity as long as the sauce in question wasn’t too hot.

Joe also knew what the term b**sy was ahead of him reading another tweet that centered on his role of  Deathstroke in the 2017 film Justice League. “I’m guessing this involves cosplay. I’ll leave the samurai sword at home.”


And of course someone brought up his incredible behind that we first got a glimpse of on HBO’s True Blood. “Joe Manganiello’s butt is the butts of butts.” We couldn’t agree more

Other celebs have had to endure similarly racy things said about them. Andy Cohen‘s were a little more gay-specific where fans of his left basically nothing to the imagination regarding what they wanted to do with him. “I wanna suck your d**k. I wanna sit on your face, suck my h**e dry until I prolapse,” one wrote. Sheesh! 

Henry Cavill, Avan Jogia and Nick Jonas are some of the other participants in this superbly naughty series. So if you find yourself bored today with nothing to do then hop on YouTube and enjoy a bunch of gorgeous studs sweatting it out while reading the unimaginable things that people want to do to them. 

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