Josh Brolin Is Getting Ready For Deadpool 2. Shares Revealing Pic Showing Us His Cable.

We're all looking forward to the misfit superhero Deadpool's second installment.  Ryan Reynolds seem to have been built for this role, physically and mentally (unstable).

Joining Reynolds in Deadpool 2 (release date of June 2018) is the talented Mr. Josh Brolin.  It was revealed in April of this year that Brolin will be playing Cable opposite Reynolds.

Since his casting, Brolin has been sharing his progress online, mainly on Instagram.

We know that Brolin is also playing Thanos in the Avengers series, but this picture below, although looking like the purple highlighted Thanos, is actually a fitting for Cable.



You know, just meditating. #deadpool2 #clostraphobiarocks #ryanreyondsismybitch #umguys

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Face mold. Check.

Now on to the body. On May 21st, Josh was so kind to show us part of his gym routine. We love your stamina Josh! 



In his latest post, Brolin is not in any mold, not a gym, but the oh so famous bathroom mirror selfie, sans clothing.  Kathryn Boyd, Brolin's wife, joins him while they both flex their muscles. Those jacked arms are there and we get to so much more of his progress toward a rocking body.



It seems that Prevail Activewear may be the beneficiary of this post, although it’s odd that they would use the phrase "Our hope is that we sell everything so we'll be left with nothing to wear" to promote a clothing company. And is it a female clothing line since Boyd is the only one clothed? Or did Brolin get his advertizing hints from Aberzombie & Glitch?

So there's no hints as to what role Cable will play in Deadpool 2, but were not concerned too much with the creative minds behind the sequel. 

We're wondering when Ryan Reynolds will respond or parody Brolin’s nude pose.  Don't make us wait too long. Could we have a Brolin – Reynolds bare body pose-off? We have a good 10 months before the movie is released.  Sounds like plenty of time to make this happen boys men.


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