Kathy Griffin Calls Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen’s New Year’s Eve Special a ‘S**t Fest’

Kathy Griffin has once again slammed the duo of Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper.

The foul-mouthed comedian was one of the keynote speakers at SXSW (South by Southwest) over the weekend in Austin, Texas. She had a near hourlong discussion with American technology business journalist Kara Swisher while at the festival that attracted big names like Elisabeth Moss and Olivia Wilde.

Kathy, 58, talked about a variety of topics during her time on stage, one of which was her disdain for Anderson, 51, and Andy’s, 50, New Year’s Eve special that took place for a second year in a row on CNN.

She clearly wasn’t a fan (scroll to 30:31 if you want to watch just this part). “Did you see that s**t fest, New Year’s Eve? Stinker!” Kathy said about A&A. “Oh my god, I watched every minute. I hate watched it. It was a disaster. I was in heaven!” The sarcasm continued as she joked, “Talk about chemistry!”

Andy and Anderson have been ripped apart on social media each New Year’s Eve ever since the Watch What Happens Live host replaced Kathy due to the controversial picture she took of her holding a fake bloody Donald Trump head.

Anderson, who was once very good friends with Kathy, publicly bashed her for her decision to take the photo and their relationship hasn’t been the same ever since.

She spoke about that too at SXSW, where the Emmy winner couldn’t even find the humor in what transpired between them. “That one just really hurt because I always say I don’t have a punch line for that.”

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