It’s Back! Kathy Griffin Retweets Her Infamous Donald Trump Head Photo

Image via YouTube / Kathy Griffin Reaction To Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leak On The View

The infamous photo of Kathy Griffin holding up a bloodied (in actuality it was ketchup) Donald Trump head that got her into a world of trouble now appears to be something she’s embraced all this time later.


Kathy retweeted the controversial pic on Wednesday, November 4, amid all the election drama going on. She did so without a caption as the photo did all the talking. Naturally there was backlash from her critics beneath the tweet but that didn’t stop the Emmy-winning comedian from going off on him as the day went on.

She also criticized the 66 + million Americans who voted for him over his opponent Joe Biden this week by bringing up topics that Trump was embroiled in throughout his presidency. 

Kathy officially turned 60 on Wednesday but clearly her mindset was elsewhere as we still don’t know who our next President will be. As of reporting time Biden just needs 6 more Electoral College votes to secure his win which he could do in the state of Nevada. He currently leads Trump there by .06 percent with 75 percent reporting complete. 


The former My Life on the D-List star’s life turned completely upside down when the Trump head photo made its way across the interwebs in May of 2017. She eventually took it down and apologized for the matter but the damage was done.

CNN fired her from her New Year’s Eve hosting gigs with now former friend Anderson Cooper, tour dates were cancelled and she was even allegedly under a federal investigation by the Justice Department for two months and was put on a No Fly List during that time. 

There recently was a wave of fans who issued their support for Kathy over the photo. They created the hashtag #kathyknewthewholetime and urged her critics to apologize about the matter. 

@kathygriffin got so much s**t for this,” one wrote. “They were more bothered about the fake blood in this photo than they are about the real blood being spilt on the streets. Love you, Kathy! We stand together.”

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