Kathy Griffin’s Photographer Reveals Details About That Infamous Trump Head Photo

Image via YouTube

Kathy Griffin‘s world was turned upside down after a photo of her holding a replica of Donald Trump‘s decapitated head made its way through the internet.

It changed her life in so many drastic ways. Friends like Anderson Cooper became enemies after they didn’t stand up for her in the press, she was put on the no fly zone for a while and was even detained at pretty much every airport during her Laugh Your Head Off Tour over the situation.


The man responsible for taking said pic, Tyler Shields, spoke out about it in an exclusive new interview with TooFab three years after it was first released.


“I think that photo of Kathy Griffin hit at the exact time,” he revealed. “And if it had been two months before, or two months after even, I don’t think it would have necessarily had that same impact. It was just the perfect storm of that time.”

Tyler also claimed that news surrounding the photo wouldn’t be as big today given all the controversial things that Trump has said and done during his time in office. “I think, you know, he’s been president for, I don’t know how long now — almost four years — that now more people have done things, more people have said things.” 


“But again, we were the first to that, and when you’re the first you have to take the brunt of it,” he continued.  “I would guess it would have, I don’t think it would be as polarizing as it was for sure.”


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