Keiynan Lonsdale Joins The ‘Step Up!’ Series

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Keiynan Lonsdale has joined the star-studded cast of an upcoming dancing show!

A series adaption of the longstanding Step Up! film franchise is in the works. The series already has several musicians attached to it including Ne-Yo and Christina Milian. But now, Lonsdale has joined the project.


And who will Lonsdale play? According to Deadline, he’ll play a queer character named Tal.

“Once an outcast from Ohio, taken from his mother and dropped in the tough streets of Atlanta,” his description explains. “Tal faced persecution for his eccentricities, his sexuality, and his refusal to submit to the expectations of others. Dancing his way into High Water, literally, beaten and bloodied, Tal became the pride of Sage Odom’s elite dance crew. Now, the lead dancer for Sage’s massive tour, Tal must continue to be the most crucial piece in a support system that carries his friends, his family, and a billion-dollar tour. He is lean, graceful, and courageous, just like his nickname: the greyhound.”

The role of Tal has been recast after Petrice Jones was originally set to play the role. In addition, the Wrap reports that the show is produced by Lionsgate Television and originally was set to premiere through YouTube but has since transitioned to Starz.

For Lonsdale, this role announcement isn’t a surprise. The actor has been working on his musical talents in the past few years. He completed his first headline performance for Billboard last November. In addition, he co-starred in Netflix’s high school dance film Work It. There, he played a queer dance captain named Juilliard. So again, a queer role in a Step Up! dance series seems like the perfect next step for the actor and performer. We look forward to seeing it come to fruition in the future.

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