Kesha Hits The Open Highway In Her Latest Video “High Road”

When Kesha teased her new album High Road to Rolling Stone last week, she made it clear that she had “reconnected to the unrestrained joy and wildness that’s always been a part of me”. If her latest single, the appropriately titled “Raising Hell” is any indication, calling the next era of Kesha as “unrestrained” is putting it wonderfully mildly. 

“Raising Hell” showcases Kesha in a luxurious mansion, living the life of a televangelist’s wife, and based on his reaction, her free wheeling way of preaching seems to be the bane of his existence. The story continues and we quickly see that, what the life presented to the parishioners is not what is truly happening at home. Taking a dark turn, Kesha takes the high road, with predictable drama ensuring. “Raising Hell” also shows Kesha crafting a brilliant partnership with  with the Queen of New Orleans Bounce, Big Freedia, who you can hear sprinkled throughout this raucous and very signature Kesha track. 

After releasing the trailer for High Road, Kesha continued to tell Rolling Stone “when I wrote Rainbow, I was in a very different headspace,” she says. “I had to address some very serious things.” Over footage of her in the studio working on High Road, Kesha went on to say, “But now, on my new record, I revisit my roots of pure and utter debaucherous joy. Kesha got her balls back, and they’re bigger than ever. So have a good time while you’re on this road trip from Hell”.

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