Kevin McHale Performed Live Amid Health Crisis

Screenshot via YouTube @TheXFactor

Crisis averted.

A couple of days ago, the staff over at The X Factor were in crisis mode. The reason? Kevin McHale.


McHale has been on an upward climb ever since Glee ended. The actor and singer had to find a way to show himself off and shine in the entertainment world after his time at Glee was over. The artist got a boost last year when he came out through a series of social media posts. He then released his first studio EP as a singer and a couple of music videos.

And now, McHale is appearing on the celebrity version of popular tv show X Factor. The X Factor: Celebrity was created as a last-ditch effort to save The X Factor’s brand. Unfortunately for the show’s producers and staff, the X Factor’s ratings have continued to drop. Even worse, X Factor Celebrity’s first live show saw the lowest ratings drop for the X Factor (UK) series.

Before all of that ever happened though, the staff was in crisis mode because of McHale’s health condition. You see, McHale had sinus surgery earlier this year and has been battling health issues ever since. This caused him to be admittedly worried when he signed up to do The X Factor Celebrity.

“This is the first time I am testing my vocals in a live performance,” he said at the time. “I was really scared to say yes to doing this.”

Image via Instagram @kevinmchale

Unfortunately for McHale, he was unsure if he’d be able to perform well for the show’s first live episode. And the show’s staff and production team were just as unsure.

This fear and nervousness surrounding the Saturday night performance culminated in Kevin releasing a video on social media. In the Instagram video, a screenshot of which is shared above, Kevin is seen in front of a steamer. Steamers help hydrate vocal cords and prepare them for a big performance. But thankfully, the performance went beautifully and most of the audience (that bothered to watch the show) walked away being completely unware of Kevin McHale’s struggle. Good for you, Kevin!

To watch the triumph that is Kevin McHale’s performance after the nervous energy that consumed him and the X Factor team, watch the video below.

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