Kidman & Adams Footage Spliced To Show Them Bonding Over Bottoming

It could happen.  I myself have had a conversation or two with a woman about them bottoming like the gays do.  Anal sex is not as passé as it used to be for women.  Even has written articles about it for their readers that are heterosexual. 

So when I saw this meme about a dozen days ago, it gave me a good chuckle. So much, I bookmarked it for later chuckles and now sharing it with y'all. 

The two women were on Variety Studio's Actors on Actors series talking about their thespian methods. Their conversation was quite free-flowing and apparently the wording they were using sparked the creativity of @joegunn as he id some splicing to make it appear that the actresses were talking about anal sex. 




Excellent job @joegunn. And anyone that likes/uses Britney Spears and Wendy Williams like you do, yeah, we'll be following you and and waiting for your next creative piece. 




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