Kit Harrington Takes Us For A Ride And We Loved It.

I was at one point, the only sales person in the state of Maine for Infinitis.  It was a great deal of fun and they were / are a great brand that still gives me excitement.  When attending a regional sales conference in New York City, I asked the question why Infiniti didn't have exciting, thrilling advertisements.  I think my question finally reached the marketing department and they gave me the videos below.

Besides an Infiniti fan, I'm also a Game of Thrones fanatic.  Pair the two together by putting Kit Harrington (most likely the next Sexiest Man Alive, I'm calling it here), into your next generation Q60 coupe and you have something that immediately flooded my basement.  When I saw the ad during the Olympics last night, everything stopped.  I think I actually stopped breathing.  Okay, I'm batshit crazy, but you be the judge about how good the ad is.




When he’s not out waging war in Westeros, it appears Jon Snow has a penchant for speed and driving luxury coupes. –

Maybe it did not have the same effect on you as it did me when I saw it for the first, second, third time.  But then I found this one as well.





Thank you Infiniti for giving me some Snow this summer to tide me over.  It was very much needed.  Oh yeah, the car was nice, too.

What do you think?