KJ Apa Puts His Juicy Buns on Display In Pandemic-Based Thriller

Credit: KJ Apa Instagram

Deliciously cute KJ Apa is giving us a reason to enjoy 2020 at least for a little bit thanks to a glorious shot of his amazing booty in his latest film.

The 23-year-old stars in Songbird, a thriller that is quite timely related to what’s going in our daily lives as it revolves around a pandemic that ravages cities and the world in the not so near future. 

Credit: STX Films

Apa plays a courier by the name of Nico who discovers he’s immune to the COVID-23 virus (not the real COVID-19 one) which is wiping out humanity, and races against time to save the woman he loves from a quarantine camp.

That’s a great premise and all but did you really click on this with the intention of just that? Of course not! The Riverdale star shows off his amazing booty in one scene while he scrubs away in an outdoor shower (see pic here). 

This isn’t the first time we’ve got a glimpse at the New Zealand born hottie’s behind. We previously gazed at it during his appearance on The Ellen Show last year where he wished her a HBD in his birthday suit in a pre-taped video.

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