Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Dealt Awful Blow In Their Fatherhood Journey

Credit: Lance Bass Instagram

The road to parenthood for Lance Bass & Michael Turchin has not been an easy one. 

Lance, 41, spoke with TooFab exclusively on Friday, August 21, where the former *NSYNC star revealed that they had been dealt a terrible blow during their IVF journey with Coronavirus being partially to blame.


“We’re two and a half years in and we keep running into a lot of different hiccups,” he said. “We have not been — we haven’t been pregnant since last year, you know, when we lost them last year. But now, we found a new donor and we love the donor, so we have our embryos ready to go right now.”

“Unfortunately, we just lost our surrogate that we’ve had for over two years,” he added. “And so now — now begins the process of finding a replacement surrogate which is hard during COVID because a lot of surrogates really don’t want to get pregnant during a time like this.”

Lance previously revealed earlier this year that his surrogate had been eight weeks pregnant with a baby boy last fall, but tragically lost the pregnancy to miscarriage.


“We unfortunately lost him after eight weeks, which happens to pretty much everyone when you’re going through IVF,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I didn’t even know that as we were going through this, but we’ve met so many great couples who have the same story. So, you do feel a lot of support knowing other people have gone through it.”

Lance & Michael, who wed in December 2014 at the Park Plaza Hotel, have now been through 9 rounds of IVF. They first spoke about their desire to become parents, specifically with twins, two years ago.

“I mean, the reason I wanted to get married to this guy is I know he’ll be an amazing dad,” Lance said about his handsome husband in 2018. Here’s hoping they get their wish very soon! 

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