Babies Galore: Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Are Ready For Parenthood!

Lance Bass and his super cute husband Michael Turchin are ready to take the next step in their relationship: parenthood!


“Just last week, [we] really started the process,” the former NSYNC star told Entertainment Tonight recently. “So we’re excited, and it’s going a lot faster than we ever thought, which is kind of freaking me out.”

The two have gotten very detail oriented about them becoming (actual) daddies.

"I thought we had a good, like, year to really choose things, but it’s happening so fast,” Lance said. “I mean, we’ve met with surrogates, we’re looking at eggs, we now have the person representing us, and contracts are being made, and it’s such a process that we had no idea existed. But it’s also fascinating too. It’s already amazing.”

Turns out parenthood was one of the many reasons why Lance married Michael in the first place. "I mean, the reason I wanted to get married to this guy is I know he’ll be an amazing dad," he also told Entertainment Tonight.


Lance and Michael got married back in December of 2014 which was televised for the world to see. He would be the fourth member from NSYNC to enter the world of parenthood, as Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirpatrick all have kids.  Your move… JC Chasez.




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