“Laughter Not Clorox Is The Best Medicine”; Lady Bunny Brings Her New Show To The Web

Art Courtesy of Lady Bunny

As the mastermind behind the glitter filled Wigstock festival and one woman shows with politically correct names like Trans-Jester, New York City icon, legend and provocateur Lady Bunny knows how to take even the darkest of topics and manages to churn them into the most devilishly hilarious and brilliantly timely comedic material possible. While we may not be able to hit our favorite nightlife establishment to see Lady Bunny live right now, it does not mean her on-point and filthy humor hasn’t managed to find a place to be showcased (without FCC requirements being met)-by streaming her latest show, C#nt-agious!

Premiering Friday, June 5th at 8PM at VossEvents.com, Bunny’s famed Laugh-In  inspired joke routine runs the gamut. From politically pointed to hilariously unhygienic, Bunny manages to deliver both her punch lines (and what she still considers as dance moves) with her signature sarcastic tone firmly intact. As the name suggests, this performance showcases an emphasis on COVID-19 humor, so expect fresh out of the oven song parodies from artists as like Lizzo, Justin Bieber and Madonna. Drag sensation Christeene will join Bun-Bun for a duet of her updated version of Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is”, and Bunny’s most notable sister RuPaul will gets lovingly stomped in a fantastic parody of  “Sissy That Walk” called “Sissy That Cough.” Three new skits will show off Bunny’s comedic chops in non-musical ways and showcase the hilarity of equally devious co-writer Beryl Mendelbaum.

Bunny has served as host of both of the Werq The World livestreams with Bianca Del Rio, C#nt-agious is Bunny’s first full-length online offering during self-isolation. “I’ve downed some special loads, but I’ve never downloaded a special!” she quips. “When your income involves audiences and dance floors packed together tightly, your income has stopped for the foreseeable future. And my wigs are too mammoth to permit me to fit onto a Facebook live video format.”  C#nt-agious is a new frontier for this drag revolutionary; to commemorate it, she even wrote a theme song for it! And as viewers will soon see in this new “viral” video, Bunny’s hefty talents have grown even larger—thanks to the fact that she’s an excellent cook.  Masks and mascara conspire to make a  great combination, especially when it comes with with four giant wigs and twelve costume changes packed into thirty five minutes.

Art Courtesy of Lady Bunny

Tune in on Friday, June 5th at 8PM for C#nt-agious. Tickets are $9.99 and available at VossEvents.com. 

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