Laverne Cox Narrates Beautiful Illustrated Video On The History Of The Transgender Movement

More education about LGBT history needs to be out there and available, not only for the friends of Dorothy, but for our allies, non allies, and everyone in between.  Just over a year ago California Approved LGBT History Lessons For Classrooms. We'd love to see what lessons they give to their students and what resources they use.  Maybe a new video narrated by Laverne Cox will be part of that education?

Time Marches Forward & So Do We is a video illustrating the long history of the trans movementThe  The ACLU, together with actress/activist Laverne Cox and illustrator Molly Crabapple, have created this beautiful and educational piece about the Trans movement in America.

One aspect of the video that I appreciated is that it points out that there is more than Stonewall, that there was more before Stonewall.  It does not take away from the riots at the inn, but it mentions that there were other events that are known and and still some unknown where Trans citizens put their lives on the line for their movement. Just like gay men and women have many milestones in their fight for equality, the trans fight for equality shares many of those, but also have some important ones of their own.



The video mentions the beginnings as well as the continued fight for equal rights, protection, and visibility of the transgender community. With what is clearly an uphill battle against the current political structure and leadership, with all the violence against the community, education can help. Education can lead to progress.

What did you think of the video? 

How have you been educated about the Trans community and its history. 

Can you recommend any resources for our community members, allies, and those that need to learn?  Leave them below or share them on our Facebook post.



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