Le Calendrier Des Agriculteurs 2017. Yes, French Farmers Keeping Us On Task Year Round.

Is your stocking stuffed with a new calendar for the new year? 

Need to find something for your man to keep him happy every day of the year?

Well, here's another good option to fill that sock to the brim. 


The French Farmers Calendar [LE CALENDRIER DES AGRICULTEURS 2017] is a tribute to a profession which often lack of gratefulness.
All of them have lent themselves to play the game of posing in a sexy way to promote in an off-the-wall way the work and dedication with which the farmers are involved relentlessly in their hard job.
We have been warmly welcomed by farm owners all over France to make this project as realistic as possible. 
We shoot in Normandie, Provence, Champagne and Picardie. – Fred Goudin
If you are interested in purchasing the calendar, you can find it on Amazon.com or it looks like it may be cheaper on unitheque.com or on livre.fnac.com.



h/t:  Fred Goudin images and text

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