Left Naked And Beaten By 4 Assailants, Man Dies After Meeting Supposed Escort Through Website.

Just west of Boise, Idaho, population over 214,000, a tragedy occurred this past Friday when one man was looking for a hook-up.  Little did he know, 4 men had other plans for him that evening.  It's something I think about when I see escort ads on sites like adam4adam or hot guys hit you up on other social / dating / sex apps but desiring money to meet.  What are their intentions?  Is it all for a little fun and a little money?  Or are there ulterior motives.  There's enough doubt to keep me away from that.  Unfortunately for Steven Nelson, he followed through with his desires when he found an advert for sex and decided to meet up with a vulgar man and his business partners.


A 49-year-old man who responded to an escort ad was beaten and left to die by four men.  Steven Nelson of Idaho died of a cardiac arrest in hospital after responding to the ad.

Four men were arraigned on Monday for the attack, and could face the death penalty after being charged with first degree murder and felony robbery.  Kelly Schneider, who is suspected of being the leader in the attack also faces a grand theft charge.

Nelson met up with the men after responding to an escort ad in the website Backpage, said police.  Schneider is believed to have been pictured in the ad, and was identified by his tattoos.  The pair met at a Wal-Mart and Schneider drove them to Gotts Point.  Nelson requested that Schneider have sex with him for money, but another man turned up carrying what the victim told police was a rifle.

Later two other men turned up and attacked Nelson. He was stripped of his clothes and wallet read court documents.  The victim was beaten, thrown to the ground and kicked repeatedly.  Left naked, Nelson’s car was taken by the four men and he was left alone by the side of the road.  After walking to a nearby home, Nelson was able to tell police what had happened, and described Schneider before he died.  He had been left with broken ribs and bleeding from the ear.

Schneider, along with Jayson Woods, Kevin Tracy and Daniel Henkel all appeared in court on Monday.  Henkel and Schneider were caught on CCTV withdrawing [about $180.00] using a credit card given by Nelson in exchange for the men not killing him.  Police have urged anyone with any further information to get in touch.  – pinknews.co.uk

Our thoughts are with Steven Nelson's friends and family.  May justice be swift.

We would like to think this doesn't happen often, but apparently this incident is not the first time these thugs have committed a crime like this.  It's a part of a conspiracy ring.  Thanks go out to KTVB for this video.




h/t:  text and photos from pinknews.co.uk

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