Levy Joined Queer Cast Members For Hilarious Take On ‘It Gets Better’

Dan Levy on SNL (screen captures)

What to do after your hit TV series Schitt’s Creek garners not only 5 Golden Globe nominations but 5 Screen Actors Guild Award nominations?

If you’re Dan Levy, you host Saturday Night Live!


Levy had a great outing last night in SNL including taking part in a clever skit involving out cast members Bowen Yang, Punkie Johnson, and Kate McKinnon that ‘celebrated’ the 10-year-old It Gets Better Project.

Note: We all love the It Gets Better Project, so, don’t take any of this as bashing a great organization. It’s all just fun.

It all begins quite upbeat as the four assure viewers that things do, indeed, ‘get better.’

But was the details of ‘better’ are explored, it seems ‘better’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘perfect.’

L-R Bowen Yang, Kate McKinnon, Punkie Johnson (screen captures)

Yang shares how, once he learned to love himself, he found he was no longer bullied…by straight people. “Then I pretty much immediately started getting tormented by gay people…for my taste in music.”

“It’s scarier when gay people are mean because they are so organized,” laments Yang. “I tweeted one vague opinion about Chromatica and I had to move. Not just apartments but cities.”

Levy’s character says he doesn’t get bullied anymore because he’s a very successful 30-year-old. But life’s problems weren’t completely solved.


“You know what feels very similar to being shoved in a locker though? Income Tax,” says Levy’s character. “I know that’s not what you guys do, but stuff about taxes would have been extremely helpful.”

Emmy Award winner Kate McKinnon knocks it out of the park with her post-It Gets Better issue – her two kids’ iguana which now dominates her life.

“It’s ruined my floors with its urine, and now there’s an evil dinosaur living in my house.”

And Punkie Johnson has real-life advice: “Don’t wear basketball shorts cause when you’re out with your girl, people are going to think YOU the one who fights.”


Brian Wenke, executive director for It Gets Better Project, sent out an email embracing the humor:

Last night Saturday Night Live and its incredible cast of queer talent held up a mirror to the It Gets Better Project and made us laugh. I am sure you can imagine the flurry of calls, texts, and emails inspired by the skit. I am honored to be a part of an organization that continues to maintain relevance 10 years after the viral social media campaign that gave it life.”

Another sketch that landed also addressed how life changes when you get older.


“Are you bored? Looking for something to spice up your life? You used to want sex – but you’re in your late 30s now,” say the sexy-voiced cast members. “You need something new, something exciting. I need a new fantasy.”

And what better fantasy that scrolling through pictures and pictures of that house you can’t afford? “You need…Zillow.”

The skit’s not only pretty spot-on but – bonus! – includes Levy as part of an aroused gay couple.

“I’d never live in North Carolina,” says Levy before adding in an echoing sensual voice, “But if I did – I could buy a big, gross mansion.”

Let us know what you thought about Levy’s appearance last night. Score or snore?

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